Navia is a company dedicated to farriery. The word “navia” relates to“craftmanship”, and we aim to develop innovative tools to help any craftman in the trade to work safer, faster, more comfortable and more precise.

Good tools will keep the farrier happy, healthy and active for longer in a business, which stands and falls with the physics of the performer.

Where to buy?

Navia Tools is proud to be a supplier to Kerckhaert, the biggest horseshoe producer and farrier accessories supplier in the world. Through the wide spread network of Kerckhaert, the professional farrier will never be too far away from a Kerckhaert dealer who will be able to provide the Boomerasp and other Navia products on request. The Boomerasp is also available from various webshops around the world. The Boomerasp can be purchased directly from Navia Tools, using PayPal. Har du MobilePay kan betaling gennemføres ved at du sender en mail til Du vil så modtage en mail med ordrebekræftelse og et tlf. nr. du kan overføre betalingen til.